Cuddle Curtain

In line with the necessary risk assessments that take note of the Covid pandemic, we can offer residents use of our very special ‘cuddle curtain’. Created in-house by one of our team, a simple protective curtain enables residents to have close contact with loved ones whilst keeping safe. This is particularly important when it comes to protecting residents’ emotional and mental wellbeing.

The cuddle curtain brings so much pleasure to both relatives and residents, particularly where husbands, wives and partners are concerned. We never underestimate the healing power of touch.

Gate Lodge Care Home Covid Response

Our Covid response has been carefully planned and controlled to keep both residents, visitors and staff safe. Aside from using our ‘cuddle curtain’ to provide close contact, we maintain social distancing where practically possible and use protective PPE equipment. Our regular health and safety processes have been bolstered to take account of the Covid virus, providing an environment that is carefully controlled, clean and Covid-free. Infection control is carried out in line with government guidelines, ensuring the safety of everyone. We carry out regular testing and temperature checking alongside safe indoor visiting.

Staying connected

Keeping residents in contact with loved ones is important and something that we concentrate on whilst taking note of Covid restrictions. Should physical visiting not be possible, we provide residents with a computerised tablet that enables video chats to take place. Our entertainment team continue to provide a full range of activities within the home, doing all possible to avoid the problem of feeling socially isolated. Where residents are unwell and loved ones need to be with them, we will do all possible to facilitate this safely. Visitors are still welcome into the home in line with social distancing rules. We also enlist the help of the ‘cuddle curtain’ to provide one-on-one contact where possible. Our care plans are bespoke to suit each resident and we have now added to this a ‘social distance monitoring’ section. This enables us to keep a check on each resident’s emotional and mental wellbeing in a proactive way, bringing into play additional support as required. This may be one on-one attention from our care team, controlled family visits or enhanced use of video links.

24 Hour Dedicated Dementia Care

Providing the highest quality and standard of care to maintain and optimise the residents quality of life.


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