Gate Lodge Services

Gate Lodge Services

Support services are flexible and accommodating

  • The management team set the high standards of caring.

  • The food is excellent with a good variety and always home cooked from scratch,
    using good quality ingredients.


24 Hour Care / Dementia Care

As 24hr care dementia specialists, the staff at Gate Lodge work closely with the local doctor’s surgery, Woodcote Group Practice. When residents need to see or GP, we arrange for them to be visited within the home. However, residents are not bound to use the Woodcote Group Practice. If they have a GP that they have a special relationship with and they are local, we will happily arrange a visit. Our 24hr care and dementia care services are available at any time of day and are suitable for permanent residents as well as those staying with us short-term. For those suffering from dementia or a form of mental illness, we provide specific and tailored care.

Personal Care

We understand that for residents to feel their best, they must have access to high levels of personal
care. With this in mind, we provide a comprehensive range of services, not limited to the following:

• Chiropodist
• Dentist
• Doctor (NHS or private)
• Hairdresser
• Manicurist
• Optician

Other services can be arranged as required.

Our residents take great pride in their appearance, and this includes taking care of their clothing and general laundry. We wash personal clothing on the premises, as well as any individual items of bedding or linen. Our laundry facilities are well equipped but do not cater for dry cleaning; this can be arranged off-premises if required.

Palliative Care

We work closely with St. Christopher’s hospice to provide a personalised palliative care service. Our focus is on providing each resident and their family with a caring and focused scheme of support. Each resident receives the same level of nurturing treatment, tailored to suit their specific needs. Whatever their stage of life, our staff are supportive and sensitive, doing all possible to make each person feel comfortable and well cared for, both emotionally and physically.

24 Hour Dedicated Dementia Care

Providing the highest quality and standard of care to maintain and optimise the residents quality of life.


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